Why to choose 3server Counter-strike: Global Offensive ?

  • Maximum tickrate (128)  Only limit is your internet connection and your hardware, nothing else.
  • Server is located in air conditioned Datacenter in Prague with connection speed of 1000 Mbps. Player can theoreticaly reach up to 1 milisecond of latency. Real speed might be around 4 to 8 miliseconds.
  • Professional CS:GO team of admins
  • We are still running beta following CS:GO servers:
    Classic, Deathmatch and Custom Maps server
  • In the future here will appear player stats, next servers and other modes.
  • Up to 64 slots

IP serveru:

csgo.3server.net:27015     (classic casual server, 64 slots, in basic 5v5 bots)
csgo.3server.net:27016      (deathmatch server, 64 slots in basic 5v5 bots)
csgo.3server.net:27017    (custom maps server, 21 slots, in basic 5v5 bots)